About Us

We are a friendly bunch of players who meet every other Thursday to play Texas Hold ‘em Poker. Two tournaments are played with a £5 entry fee for each, both tournaments have points and cash prizes. There is no obligation to play in both tournaments you choose whether you want to play one or both. Points towards the league are granted for playing, being placed in the top 8, consecutive placings in the top 8 and the elusive Royal Flush! Not so elusive this 2019 season as two dealt in two weeks! The points go towards your placing in the league and the final top 8 get to play in the grand finales one in summer and one in winter. At the grand finale the top 8 from the league are given chip stacks according to their position and get to play for cash prizes and a trophy. The losers as we affectionately call anyone who doesn’t make the top 8 (and there’s a lot of us) play a friendly side game in between watching the final and enjoying a drink and a buffet.

New players are always welcome, and we will do all possible to support beginners so don’t be shy… give it a try. Registration is at 7.20 for a 7.30 sharp start.

For further info contact Andy Pearson or Becci Grogan.

Match Report

Greetings one and all. What a cosy party we had (at least for the first game) last night (06.02.20) where a record turnout of 33 players squeezed themselves into a smaller than usual layout due to people already sitting and eating where the table by the bar usually sits. In order to make more room and make it more comfortable, Ray left the game in the first hand losing all his chips to an unnamed player. The table arrangement was returned to normal positions for the second game.

There was two sets of quads last night, queens and jacks. Manny staged a big comeback in the second game from just 1200 chips arriving at the final table he went on to win.

Well done to all who took part last night and to those who were placed. There is only 5 points separating eighth and first place so it is a close competition this term. In comparison last season at this stage there was 27 points between eighth and first. There is less than 27 points between top and bottom of the whole table at this time so at this early stage in the season there is virtually nothing in it as there is no out and out clear front runner yet.

A big thank you goes out as always to those that help to make the evening run smoothly. You are a credit to the poker society because there is never really any problems or issues and the evenings generally run seamlessly. This is what helps to keep the fun in the game without it being too formal.

Speaking of formalities, we did have the poker society AGM on Jan 29th which was a fairly informal occasion. A few people attended and it was followed by a cheeky little game of buy-in. Minutes from the meeting will be produced and distributed. One thing that did come out from the meeting was that the club has once again given the poker section £200 towards their funds. We would like to thank the club and committee for that generous donation.

Becci Grogan was the lucky recipient of £5 for failing to find the joker in the pack. The jackpot figure now stands at £102 with 45 cards remaining.

The next poker evening is Thursday 20th February. Hope to see you all again for registration by 7:20 for a prompt 7:30 start.



06th Feb 2020- Tournament #1 – 33 players
1st Ben Rice         (£86)

2nd Andy Pearson     (£43)

3rd Dave Hood        (£14)

4th Rachael Rice

5th Jim Denny

6th Becci Grogan

7th Tess Martin

8th Jenny Gostage

06th Feb 2020- Tournament #2 – 30 players
1st Manny Conde       (£78)

2nd Richard Grace     (£39)

3rd Adrian Meredith   (£12)

4th Andy Pearson

5th John Gostage

6th Linda Hickman

7th Kyle Francis

8th James Davey


 Next Poker Night: Thursday 20thFebruary 7:00 – 7:20 registration for prompt 7:30pm start. Any Queries To Andy : A14425pearson@outlook.com