A Short Introduction…

Ottershaw Social Club is a thriving village club founded in 1883. The club can boast a large number of members in the surrounding area in all age ranges, as well as excellent bar prices. The club is extremely friendly, and runs regular events for its members, which are always very well supported. Click here for information on these. The village also has a website. Click here to visit it: www.ottershaw-village.co.uk

If you are interested in becoming a member, please drop into the club and speak to a committee member or a member of staff.
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General activities include entertainment on the first Saturday every month, fortnightly quiz nights, Sunday evening bingo, race nights, meat raffles, pool league nights, fortnightly poker tournaments, snooker, darts, pool, cricket, bullion box, big screen TV, golf society, etc.


Club Opening Times

Mon to  Saturday 12pm – 11pm*

Sundays 12pm – 10.30pm*

Powercor have installed 2 UVC units to disinfect airs and deactivate Covid and all known pathogens for additional protection.


Covid 19 Update – Rules Relaxation



  1. Please try and maintain social distances from those members (and their guests) not in your party. 
  1. There will be no standing at the bar. You may order and collect your drinks from the area in the centre of the bar between the two tables. Once you have your drinks etc. please move away and sit at a table.  If you do not move away from the bar you will be asked (told) by the staff to do so 
  1. There will be no obligation to wear a mask within the club.  It is a matter for you if you choose to wear one but please do not be offended if others do. 
  1. You, and your guests, will not have to sign in but we feel that it would be advantageous if you did, so that you can be contacted if there is an infection. 
  1. If you have a positive test or are contacted and informed that you have been in contact with an infected person DO NOT come into the club until the appropriate time has elapsed and you have (where necessary) had a negative test. 

The committee wish to thank you for complying the simple rules.  They are there for all our benefit.  They will be removed as soon as it is safe to do so.


It has been brought to committee attention that some members need reminding of some of the rules of the club. 

  • Abuse of the staff and committee members will not be tolerated. 
  • If you have a complaint. Put it in writing and give it to a committee member. It is then up to the committee to deal. Do not take matters into your own hands. 
  • Swearing is not permitted. We know some people cannot help themselves but keep it to yourself. 
  • Men are required to wear a top (Polo/T shirt/Shirt) that has sleeves to cover the top of the arms. 
  • No feet on the seating, it is for sitting on. 
  • Those that bring children into the club are responsible for their behaviour. 
  • NO SMOKING or VAPING within the club building or on the patio area. Please use the smoking shelter. 
  • It is your club. Please treat it and its patrons with respect. 
  • GUESTS Members are permitted to bring in up to 2 guests 3 times within a 3-month period and are required to pay a fee of £1 per visit or £2 for a night with a function on (incl. Quiz Nights). Guest fees can now be paid through the till. 
  • FOOD & DRINK NO members or guests are permitted to bring in their own food and drink.  Only that provided by the club may be consumed.  When the kitchen is closed and with the permission of a committee member members may bring in snack food.  NOT a cooked takeaway meal. (Pizza is permitted) 

Thank You 

O.S.C. Committee 



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