About Us

We are a friendly bunch of players who meet every other Thursday to play Texas Hold ‘em Poker. Two tournaments are played with a £5 entry fee for each, both tournaments have points and cash prizes. There is no obligation to play in both tournaments you choose whether you want to play one or both. Points towards the league are granted for playing, being placed in the top 8, consecutive placings in the top 8 and the elusive Royal Flush! Not so elusive this 2019 season as two dealt in two weeks! The points go towards your placing in the league and the final top 8 get to play in the grand finales one in summer and one in winter. At the grand finale the top 8 from the league are given chip stacks according to their position and get to play for cash prizes and a trophy. The losers as we affectionately call anyone who doesn’t make the top 8 (and there’s a lot of us) play a friendly side game in between watching the final and enjoying a drink and a buffet.

New players are always welcome, and we will do all possible to support beginners so don’t be shy… give it a try. Registration is at 7.20 for a 7.30 sharp start.

For further info contact Andy Pearson or Becci Grogan.

Ottershaw Social Club Poker League

Hi all and welcome to the new Winter League – only 22 games to go until the grand final on 12th December. Only 180 more sleeps until Christmas. Make the most of the sunshine as the nights are beginning to draw in.

Yes, we are here once again to start another wonderful season of OSC poker. I will start with an apology. In my haste to make the headline “Held hostage by the Gostage”, I said that John had won the loser’s game on finals night. I stand corrected, it was in fact Luke Whittington that won the loser’s game and John Gostage was second.

We started the new season with a relatively low turnout but with the glorious weather such as it is and people on holidays it may stay low for a few early weeks. I know that for the October 17th tournament, at least 15 of the regulars will not be in attendance as we are all away.

Despite the low turnout there was still some good hands of poker out there. Third hand out I (Andy) got a Royal Flush. Blinds were only 100/200 so did not win a great chip value as I did not push the betting as I preferred the 10 bonus points. Although only the top five cards count, it was also a royal flush right down to the 8. I would love to know what the odds on that would be. I later stole a pot when a full house Aces and Jacks was on the table. I bet high and the remaining players folded – they were unaware that if they had played then they would have shared the spoils as the highest hand was on the table. Another hand to note was Dean Smith’s quad 8’s, well done.

It was the turn of Jim Denney to take home a bottle of wine last night for failing to find the joker hidden amongst the 41 cards to choose from. Jackpot now stands at £219.

Although we were short in numbers yesterday, the same jobs still need to be done no matter how many turn up so thanks go out to those that set up the tables, put away the tables and everything in between that makes the evenings run smoothly.

Hope to see you all at the next session on 11th July – please register as early as possible for a prompt 7.30 start.

There is also a poker playing opportunity on Saturday 13th July at Ottershaw Social Club. The club’s annual BBQ is being held on that day and, after all the daytime frivolities, there will be an open, non-league, poker night with the intention that new and novice players can come along and try the game, learn how to play from some of the experienced players without having to part with any cash initially and then later take part in a tournament. Poker school will start around 7.30 so please encourage friends and family that may not have played before but could be curious to come and have a go.

That’s all for now,