About Us

We are a friendly bunch of players who meet every other Thursday to play Texas Hold ‘em Poker. Two tournaments are played with a £5 entry fee for each, both tournaments have points and cash prizes. There is no obligation to play in both tournaments you choose whether you want to play one or both. Points towards the league are granted for playing, being placed in the top 8, consecutive placings in the top 8 and the elusive Royal Flush! The points go towards your placing in the league and the final top 8 get to play in the grand finales one in summer and one in winter. At the grand finale the top 8 from the league are given chip stacks according to their position and get to play for cash prizes and a trophy. The losers as we affectionately call anyone who doesn’t make the top 8 (and there’s a lot of us) play a friendly side game in between watching the final and enjoying a drink and a buffet.

New players are always welcome, and we will do all possible to support beginners so don’t be shy… give it a try. Registration is at 7.20 for a 7.30 sharp start.

For further info contact Andy Pearson or Becci Grogan.

Match Report

It was only in the last match report that I was writing that holiday season was over and we had such a good turnout. Well, it looked like holiday season had returned for this week as we were down to just three tables to start both games with only 22 and 20 players respectively each game.

This time next year there will also be several regular poker players away on holiday that are already booked and will be away 17/10/2019 that will be a poker night. At least 12 in all will be away, many of them cruising on the Mediterranean.

It did not dampen the evening however as there was still some very decent poker played. Lee appears to be running away with the title at the moment and is only a few points off the century.

Congratulations to Sue and Adrian who both got 2nd places during the evening but not only that but both also were placed in the other of the evening’s two games earning each a consecutive top 8 point.

Thanks to all the usual suspects that did all the vital jobs of the evening.

Hope to see you all at the next poker night 18.10.18