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We are a friendly bunch of players who meet every other Thursday to play Texas Hold ‘em Poker. Two tournaments are played with a £5 entry fee for each, both tournaments have points and cash prizes. There is no obligation to play in both tournaments you choose whether you want to play one or both. Points towards the league are granted for playing, being placed in the top 8, consecutive placings in the top 8 and the elusive Royal Flush! Not so elusive this 2019 season as two dealt in two weeks! The points go towards your placing in the league and the final top 8 get to play in the grand finales one in summer and one in winter. At the grand finale the top 8 from the league are given chip stacks according to their position and get to play for cash prizes and a trophy. The losers as we affectionately call anyone who doesn’t make the top 8 (and there’s a lot of us) play a friendly side game in between watching the final and enjoying a drink and a buffet.

New players are always welcome, and we will do all possible to support beginners so don’t be shy… give it a try. Registration is at 7.20 for a 7.30 sharp start.

For further info contact Andy Pearson or Becci Grogan.

Ottershaw Social Club Poker League

Hi Folks

A bit of a long email this time so I’ve put the info bits on top knowing you don’t all read everything (naming no names Terry Fry)

Firstly apologies for the problems with this email – we are having difficulty in contacting the guys who designed the website – if any of you are skilled at websites please let us know as it may be a simple fix.

Secondly as a thank you to the club for the £200 donation to our funds we are offering a poker school on the night of the summer BBQ Saturday 13th July. These are nights when we invite beginners to come along and play – we usually have a few free rounds and then play a tournament. Please come along if you can  – The BBQ starts at 1pm – there’s lots of entertainment and drink promotions (fun for kids too). The poker will start at 7pm.

And now to the business of the final….Well, we were all held hostage to the Gostage last night (Thursday 13th). In fact, both Gostages! Jenny won the season grand final and John won the “losers” game. Jenny netted £200 for her win and then to top it all, she won the final player’s bingo side event for the finalists netting another £40. Well done Jenny – Our first female final winner!!!
The second star of the evening must be Sue Allen – she kindly offered to be the dealer for the evening and did a wonderful job, kept order and the game flowing. A big thanks to Sue.
Also massive thanks go to Alan for the brilliant American themed buffet. There was certainly enough to feed us and we all enjoyed it. Whilst on the American theme – well done to those that dressed up for the occasion. The fancy dress was not as well supported as it has been in the past – perhaps due to shorter notice – who knows? We may have to put more thought into themes in the future and provide more notice.
To carry on with the thankyous, thank you to everyone that took part in the poker league this season and especially to those that also helped in any way at all during the season to mention a few but not exhaustive so forgive me if I miss anyone but, Becci for ensuring that the tables etc. have been set up for an evening’s play, Sue for all the admin during the season, Linda Hickman for most of the raffle ticket sales, Catherine and Jenny for a great deal of dealing (the season has been run and won by women!) Girl Power – well done ladies. It goes to show that poker is a very equal game. In fact in this day and age of gender pay gap, this season saw the prize winning women take home an average £28 each more than the prize winning men.
OK guys time for a half and half representation next season!
Continuing the thanks – those too numerous to mention individually (but mostly men) that put the tables away at the end of the evening. And then again to everyone that has done anything to help the evenings run smoothly.
Finally not thanks but a very deserved well done to the finalists:
1st Jenny Gostage £200
2nd Mike Clark £100
3rd Manny Conde – £50 also gets congratulations for the most comebacks during the season from low chips to wins and places.
4th Gary Moore
5th Ray Ebsworth (Royal flush during the season)
6th Terry Fry (Royal flush during the season)
7th Andy Pearson
8th Catherine Johnson – also league winner this season so congratulations for that too.

Next poker league date will be Thursday 27th June when it all starts again for the 2019 Winter League. The final for that will be Thursday 12th December 2019. See you all next time. Please register by 19.20 for a prompt 19.30 start.

Andy and Becci